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Environmentally Friendly) Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly
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Florever Environmentally Friendly Natural wood bears unrivalled environmental credentials. Converting wood into any usable material takes far less energy and produces the lowest carbon-dioxide compared to plastic, aluminum, bricks, steel, and any other materials. Natural wood possesses low embodied energy, produces low level of pollution during production, recyclable, and the raw materials can be produced and/or reproduced through its natural setting or plantation.

Florever - Engineered Hardwood Floor has invested a great amount of effort in an environmental protection plan which features a dust control system to provide a clean and safe environment for the employees and the community at large.

Florever - Engineered Hardwood Floor Florever uses only legally cut timbers which come mainly from plantation. Florever implements only the best management practice to promote good ethics in forestry and to ensure the sustainable conservations of all resources. Most timbers are of non-endangered species, such as Acacia and Rubberwood, sourced locally, and harvested from sustained plantations where the trees are beyond their best latex producing years.

The recognitions from respectable domestic and international organizations through awards and certificates have guaranteed the success of the company’s effort to give back to the environment in an industry that seems to take away from it.

Florever - Engineered Hardwood Floor is committed to the mission and philosophy stated. We will work relentlessly to pursuit the most efficient way to utilize natural resources in the production process. We will do whatever we can to provide the best working environment to all our workers. Above all, we will continue to do our best to provide the greatest value to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers.