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Florever - Engineered Hardwood Flooring Thailand
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What is the company’s mission and philosophy?

Why some products have different wood colour or grain? Is this a defect?

Where do you get your timber?

Why is wood floor better than other material?

What’s the advantage of using an engineered hardwood floor (EHF) over solid hardwood floor?

Florever FAQs QuestionWhat is the company’s mission and philosophy?

“Eiwlee Industrial Co., Ltd. (EIC) is committed to a relentless pursuit of production technology and machinery to produce only the highest quality hardwood flooring and woodenware, to be punctual on all deliveries, to achieve full customer satisfaction, and to be socially responsible.”

Our products are actually priced below our competitors of the same product quality. However, price comparison with products of similarity in appearance but lower in quality is not advised. Florever’s finishing is set at a superior class and quality. In addition, Florever is toxin-free and safe for both users and the environment.

Florever’s engineered hardwood flooring is properly and delicately kiln-dried which is an important process in the production of high quality hardwood floor. The attention paid to the processes from selection of materials to the delivery and installation to achieve superior quality has set Florever apart from its competitors.

QuestionWhy some products have different wood colour or grain?
Is this a defect?

Unlike products made of plastic or aluminum, wooden products cannot possibly have the same surfaces particularly in terms of wood grains and colours. In fact, this small imperfection represents the unique beauty of wood. Also, scientific tests have shown that woods have greater natural anti-bacterial properties than other materials such as plastic, marble etc. Natural wood is, therefore, the best choice for healthy interior accessories.

QuestionWhere do you get your timber?

All of our timbers are of non-endangered species and come from plantations which are replanted over a 25-30 years cycle. The timber resources attained are managed at sustainable levels. For an example, Rubber-wood is harvested from sustained plantations where the trees are beyond their best latex producing years. Another example is Acacia which is plantation grown and can offset the huge demand in the market for durable tropical species.

QuestionWhy is wood floor better than other material?

Wood flooring, particularly the large plank flooring, adds character and beauty to any home and it also makes any room look larger. Although wood flooring can cost more than other flooring materials initially, its life expectancy is much longer; thus provides a cost-effective alternative in a long-run.

Wood looks more expensive and is perceived as denoting a well-constructed home.

Wood flooring is environmentally-friendly. Wood floors are friendly for chemically-sensitive individuals with allergies because wood doesn’t harbor dust and micro-organisms as other floor coverings do

Wood floor requires minimal maintenance; simply sweep or vacuum when needed; no need for waxes as the floors may become slippery and appear dull quickly.

QuestionWhat’s the advantage of using an engineered hardwood floor
(EHF) over solid hardwood floor?

Engineered hardwood floor are more resistant to higher moisture levels than solid hardwood floor; thus adds to their appeal to be used in damp basements or in any tropical regions of the world.

Engineered hardwood floor is more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood floors and is made with an aim to ease an installation process. In addition, solid hardwood floor is prone to react more negatively in the presence of moisture. There is less moisture in the wood during dry winter months, thus, causing the floor to contract which leave gaps between each plank. On the other end, the wood will expand and wood planks will buckle under high humidity condition.

Although wood is still the most sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly material that actually leaves the least footprint on the planet, solid wood floor still uses a lot of rare hardwood supply. Contrarily, engineered hardwood floor uses more common tree species for base layers and only prime hardwood for top layer; thus saving strain on rarer hardwoods. In other words, engineered hardwood floor helps save the rare forest.