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Florever - Engineered Hardwood Flooring Thailand
Thailand Flooring Manufacturer

“Having recently built my new house in Bangkok, I had used Florever Engineered Hardwood for all my flooring. May I congratulate you on manufacturing an excellent product. My carpenters found it very easy to install and the fitting process seems simple as the factory machining was very precise. The flooring of 600 square meters was completed in 3 days which is much less than the 2 weeks requirement if I had used normal wood flooring. Although the cost of floating engineered flooring was more expensive than raw wood, it was actually less expensive as the materials were pre-finished. I find the paint finish to be superior to anything that can be done on site by painters. As a person whose company is one of the largest wood furniture exporters in Thailand, I believe I am very hard to please. However, Florever Engineered Hardwood gets 100 out of 100 from me.”

-Eric Svensson-
CEO, Exim Business Group Co., Ltd.

“Two years ago, I had to make a decision about what flooring to install in our new house at Windmill Community. Because of its large scope and permanent nature, flooring represents a major financial investment to the construction of our new home. Therefore, all alternatives were identified to ensure the proper selection of flooring.

After having reviewed the options, we decided to go with Florever Engineered Hardwood floor. It has been two years since, and we can say with confidence that we are very happy with the decision. Florever has exceeded our expectations of what high quality flooring is like. I love the smooth texture of a wooden floor. Florever balances natural beauty with practical everyday use perfectly. Normally, heat and humidity are of wood floor concerns to house owners, but not Florever. Eiwlee and its people have truly delivered what they promise-high quality products, beautiful materials, heat and humidity resistance, etc.

We opted for Doussie for our family room, Makah for our dining rooms, Teak for our guest room, and Oak for our bedrooms. Florever makes every step a joyful one. We can truly say “There is no place like home” with Florever.

- Mr. Supoj M.-
Group General Manager
International Services Business
True Corporation